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Cauliflower Sushi

I love sushi.   It’s fun, tasty, and seems healthy, right?  Unfortunately, sushi can often become a high-calorie, “empty carb” meal that does little good for the body.  The seaweed is great for you (check out my post on seaweed here), and so are the inner veggies.  But often, there are too little veggies to count for even one serving with a LOT of white rice mixed with the sugar and salt.. Read More


Rhubarb is foreign to me… I don’t have a lot of experience cooking with it.  So when I went home this past weekend and found a giant, overgrown rhubarb plant in the garden, it was time to pick, cook, and conquer.   It was a hot day, and a tall, cold glass of something refreshing sounded like it would hit the spot.  I also discovered my overgrown lemon balm just.. Read More


Be on the lookout for a new food trend hitting the shelves… seaweed.   If you’ve eaten sushi before, you’ve eaten seaweed.  Though it can be purchased in many different forms, the most readily available form is dried into sheets like the kind you find in sushi.   Sushi nori, which is seaweed pressed into square sheets used for sushi, is incredibly nutritious. In a recent issue of AND’s Food.. Read More

What to do with garlic scapes

When wandering through the local farmer’s market in June, you may notice farmers selling long, green, coiled shoots.  These are garlic scapes.  What are garlic scales?  They are the stem and flower bud from the garlic growing underground.  Farmers harvest these in late spring so the garlic will focus their energy on the bulbs underground instead of what is above ground.  Garlic scapes have a mild garlic flavor and are.. Read More