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This is too cool…Nutrigenomics

Food doesn’t react the same way with everyone.  I think most people can see this in everyday life; your friend eats an entire pizza and feels fine. They don’t feel bloated or sluggish while you feel the wrath of the pizza for days.  Or you take a supplement, like creatine, and experience a dramatic positive effect in the gym while your friend does not have any change in performance.  Why is.. Read More

Carrot Ginger Dressing

Have you ever gone to a sushi restaurant and had the house salad?  Usually the salad has iceberg lettuce, a couple shreds of carrot and this orange, thick dressing.  The dressing somehow makes the boring veggies delicious… it’s gingery, slightly sweet, and super flavorful. Yesterday, I wanted that dressing while at my apartment.  And I figured out a recipe that matches those sushi restaurants almost perfectly.   This dressing is too good!.. Read More

Easy Oatmeal Blueberry Soufflé

I love waking up, making a cup of coffee, and sitting down to enjoy a big bowl of oatmeal.  It’s my go-to breakfast routine… oatmeal is fast, inexpensive, healthy and tasty.  With all of those qualities, I’d say it’s a near perfect breakfast food!  I always switch up my toppings for my oatmeal so it never gets boring, but I wanted to go a step more with variety, so I.. Read More

Back to the Blog!

After an extraordinary trip to Puerto Rico and the start up of my senior year in college, my life in the blog world starts up again!  I look forward to all the nutritional information I will learn in my courses, and the information that I will be able to write about in the coming months.  I have a course specifically dedicated to micronutrient metabolism, so look for lots of vitamin.. Read More

Post-Workout Green Smoothie

After an intense workout, I always want just a little snack.  And everyone, even if you are trying to lose weight, should eat a little something.  Consuming something tells your body to keep burning calories and helps it repair the muscles that were strained during the workout.  That being said, you definitely don’t want to consume too many calories and “undo” all the hard work that was put in at the.. Read More

Zucchini-Noodle Pasta with Tomato Bacon Sauce

My favorite part about the weekend is waking up Saturday morning, having a cup of coffee and walking to my local farmer’s market.  This weekend I had quite a good haul. Shopping at farmers market not only saves money (I got all of this for only $7.00!), it helps with the local economy and creates the connection between food and farm that I believe is SO important and interesting. With.. Read More

Homemade Cashew Butter

I love nut butters.  Sometimes too much.  So if I’m going to be eating a  lot of them, I want to make sure that the butters are made of the best ingredients and do not have unnecessarily added hydrogenated oils, sugars, or preservatives. Therefore, I roast and blend my own nuts in my food processor into smooth and creamy butters.  Behold- simple, homemade cashew butter.   The process of making cashew butters is.. Read More

Amaranth Tabbouleh Stuffed Wraps with Yogurt Garlic Sauce

I was really craving some Mediterranean.  But not only did I not want to spend the money at a restaurant, I knew that if I did go out, whatever I ordered would have more oil, salt, and food than I needed.  So I whipped up a flavorful, nutrition filled, amaranth-tabbouleh stuffed wrap with yogurt garlic sauce.  Yum.   The wrap is filled with veggies, greens, and whole grains while also containing a good.. Read More

Massaged Kale: My simple, ‘go-to’ recipe

  After running my post on kale a few days ago, I figured I need a recipe on how to use the leafy green!  This recipe has only four ingredients and is the base for an infinite amount of different salads. Here is my go-to kale salad: First, strip the kale leaves from the stem.  Do this by holding the bottom of the stem in one hand, and then pulling from.. Read More

The Power of Kale

Kale.  It is gaining popularity, has been called a “super food,” and pops up in grocery stores, farmers markets, and restaurants.  What’s so special about this fibrous, leafy green vegetable?  It’s good.  Really good.  For your taste buds and your body.