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This is too cool…Nutrigenomics

Food doesn’t react the same way with everyone.  I think most people can see this in everyday life; your friend eats an entire pizza and feels fine. They don’t feel bloated or sluggish while you feel the wrath of the pizza for days.  Or you take a supplement, like creatine, and experience a dramatic positive effect in the gym while your friend does not have any change in performance.  Why is.. Read More

The Power of Kale

Kale.  It is gaining popularity, has been called a “super food,” and pops up in grocery stores, farmers markets, and restaurants.  What’s so special about this fibrous, leafy green vegetable?  It’s good.  Really good.  For your taste buds and your body.  


Be on the lookout for a new food trend hitting the shelves… seaweed.   If you’ve eaten sushi before, you’ve eaten seaweed.  Though it can be purchased in many different forms, the most readily available form is dried into sheets like the kind you find in sushi.   Sushi nori, which is seaweed pressed into square sheets used for sushi, is incredibly nutritious. In a recent issue of AND’s Food.. Read More