I’m Brianna- a proud Michigander, outdoor lover, art amateur and healthy foodie.  Welcome to my site!



Though I am not a dietitian yet, in one year, I will graduate from school and, after passing my test, receive my registered dietitian (RD) credential.  I love all things food and nutrition and love sharing my love with anyone I can!  Food is essential and a part of everyone’s day, and choosing what we put in our mouths impacts our short and long-term health.    It always amazes me food’s disease prevention ability.  Because of this, to me, it only makes sense to put good things in the body in order to have a lasting, positive impact on our bodies and minds.




Through this blog, I hope to inspire others to get in the kitchen and whip up something creative, possibly new and (almost always) healthy.  I hope to enlighten readers about specific foods’ health benefits and about the latest in nutrition news.  That being said, I do also agree, that sometimes, we need a splurge on something decadent and rich.   Moderation is what it’s all about.




So get in the kitchen, invite over some friends, and enjoy foods’ ability to nourish the body and soul with people you love.