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Slow Cooker Curry

Slow cookers are amazing, and I believe EVERYONE should own one.  Being able to throw whatever food you have on hand into a pot in the morning, and then come home to a hearty and delicious stew after a long day at work is pretty darn satisfying.  Right now, I have my dietetic internship at a hospital four days a week.  After the long drive, I’m gone from my house for over nine.. Read More

Collard Veggie Rolls with Lentil Hummus

I’ve realized that I really like making food into packages.  Rolling up tasty filling into a package makes the perfect mode-of-transportation for food.  So far on my blog, I’ve done Vietnamese spring rolls, quinoa stuffed grape leaves , and cauliflower sushi.  Now I’m about the add another rolled-up dish… collard green veggie rolls with lentil hummus.  

It’s been too long!

Well I’ve definitely been away from the blog for too long.  I had a very busy end to my fall semester, the winter holiday season came filled with friends and family, I had a fantastic tropical vacation, and now my final (WHOA) semester of college has begun.  I’m excited to be back to posting new recipes and healthy lifestyle ideas to better minds and bodies a little bite at a time. Plus,.. Read More

Cream Cheese Pumpkin Bars

I just realized something…How have I not posted a dessert recipe yet?? ¬†I love a good dessert, so I think it’s time to share a fantastic dessert recipe thats fudgy, has the perfect amount of sweetness and so satisfying: cream cheese pumpkin bars ūüôā Every year around this time, my mom makes these phenomenal¬†pumpkin bars instead of pumpkin pie. ¬†I love pumpkin pie, but these bars that my mom makes.. Read More

Vietnamese Spring Rolls with Peanut Dipping Sauce

I love how fresh Asian food can be. ¬†Now I’m not talking about take-out Chinese food that is often deep-fried and filled with thick sauces. ¬†I’m talking about Thai and Vietnamese food that’s colorful, fresh, and crispy when you take a bite out of it. ¬†Veggies are often showcased and paired with super tasty sauces and flavors. I had to do a food-demo for one of my dietetic courses this.. Read More

Rutabaga, Lentil and Bacon Soup

It’s crockpot season!! I LOVE everything that crockpots have to offer; they’re so simple, take hardly any work, and create wonderfully tasting dishes from almost anything. ¬†I don’t know how many times I’ve thrown all the leftover vegetables in my fridge in to the slow cooker, turned it on, and at the end of the day, come home to a delicious and super healthy veggie soup. I recently went on.. Read More

Lots of Garlic!

  Think garlic is just garlic?¬† I learned that this is definitely not the case! ¬†This past weekend, I had the opportunity to visit and help plant garlic at The Dyer’s Organic Garlic Farm… what a great time to learn and get fired up for my future in the dietetics world. ¬†The Dyer Farm is run by a retired clinical dietitian and her biochemist husband. ¬†After years and years in.. Read More

Butternut Squash Lasagna

There are so many reasons why I enjoy fall time, but one of them that’s on top of my list… $1.00 squash! ¬†During this time right now, head to your local farmer’s market and choose from the plethora of squash. ¬†They’re cheap! ¬†They’re healthy! And they’re ohhhh so good! With my recent haul of squash from the market, I made the best cheesy-garlicy-butternut-squash-lasagna.   In this recipe, I used thinly-sliced.. Read More

Chai Concentrate

Chai Spicers

  Fall = warm drinks. ¬†And as early as August, I always see¬†coffee shops advertise their “seasonal fall drinks.” ¬†And even in the heat of August, why does holding onto a warm drink sound so appealing?! So come actual fall time, I’m really ready for some warming drinks! ¬†That means homemade chai ūüôā       Interesting fact: chai means tea in Hindi. ¬†So when you say “I’d like a.. Read More

Quinoa Stuffed Grape Leaves

Cooking is kind of like yoga for me. ¬†It is a time to chill and let my mind think and wander. ¬†It’s therapeutic. ¬†Sometimes recipes that take time to prepare and are that methodical in their making are just what I need to end my day. So after coming home after a day out and about, stuffing and rolling grape leaf after grape leaf was just what I needed. Traditionally.. Read More